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Q and A... a new fashion line for mothers and daughters

Posted on October 30 2012

Q: So, why matching clothes for mothers and daughters?

A: Well, because what little girl doesn’t want to be just like her mommy?  Little girls look up to their moms.  It makes them so happy to know they match with their mommy.  And what mother doesn’t want to make her child happy?

Q: What makes Me N Mommy different from any other kids or women’s clothing line out there?

A: That’s simple... our purpose... “to make a difference for mothers and children here and across the globe

The whole reason meNmommy was born, was because we wanted to create a line that brings together mothers and their children, and meets needs.  We wanted to provide an avenue for mothers, those who know what it means to have a child and want to provide for them, to be able to help other moms and children out there who do not have the same blessings or opportunities.  We at meNmommy believe that every child needs to feel loved.  We want to be able to spread God’s love to the less fortunate.  We are not only a clothing company.  We are meeting needs of moms and kids by providing fashion and at the same time, the opportunity to help.

Q: You mentioned providing the opportunity to help.  How are you doing this?

A: 2 ways.  First, for every item sold in our store, a piece of clothing is given to a less fortunate child.  It doesn’t matter if you buy a coat or a pair of socks…  every item sold, will correspond to clothing for a needy child. Second, we also believe in sustainable help.  From the proceeds of meNmommy, we give monetary “loans” through microfinance* institutions that provide training and livelihood to women in poverty stricken regions.  This gives women hope in bettering theirs and their family’s futures through sustainable income.

Q: Why put together fashion and philanthrophy?

A: Two-thirds of the world’s population live below the poverty line.  As a working mom, knowing how important clothing is to me and my kids; how can we not?

Q: Tell me about the products you offer...

A: Everything we do at meNmommy has a purpose.  For example, material… It has to be comfortable (no matter how cute a dress is, if it’s not comfortable, kids will not wear it).  It has to be as wrinkle-free as possible -- The last thing you want to think of when you’re a mom with young kids, is have to spend all day ironing! Accessories and other apparel likewise have to pass the “comfortable enough for mommy and child” test.  All products are designed to make moms have that neat, lean and classy look... Even while running after a toddler!

But we aren't just limited to matching dresses... we also have matching aprons, matching socks, matching shoes and even matching swimwear! For mothers and daughters that don't want a completely identical look, different outfits can be paired with each other for a complementary look.

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