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Mommy and Me Fitness: Resolution Solution

Posted on January 01 2013

January 1st of each year, many people put their New Year’s Resolutions to action.  One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions among women is to lose weight and/or exercise more.  If you’re like the majority, however, this is a short-lived goal (especially for moms with little ones).  Finding the time and the energy (not to mention childcare) to exercise can seem like an impossible task, but what if you could exercise while you spent time with your child/children? 

Mommy and Me Fitness“Mommy and Me” fitness classes are gaining popularity all over the U.S.  From Bootcamp to Yoga to Zumba® classes, gone are the days when the only option of exercising post-partum was to pop in a DVD at midnight in hopes of not falling asleep from exhaustion before the warm-up is finished.

The great thing about mommy and me fitness classes is that the moms are able to exercise, play and bond with their babies.  In a strength-training/core-building Bootcamp class, the babies are held or in carriers the whole time whereas stroller fitness formats may include cardio and plyometric drills to increase intensity.  A Yoga class designed for moms and kids are gentle and may include baby-friendly games such as singing “Wheels on the Bus” with movements.  Mommy and Me Zumba® (ZumbAtomic®) classes are perfect for moms with toddlers and pre-school kids, as it includes dancing, sweating, and jumping around like ponies or waddling like penguins.

Side-effects to participating in mommy and me fitness classes may include:

  1. Getting out of the house to a positive environment.
  2. Meeting other new moms and kids.
  3. Successfully accomplishing your fitness resolution for 2013!



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Jheni Solis, Sarvanga Fitness
Sarvanga Fitness is a “whole-body” fitness company based out of Dallas, TX providing group fitness instructions in Zumba® Fitness, Yoga, Meditation and other fitness formats.



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