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The Ripple Effect

Posted on January 05 2013

“Are we really making a difference?” I thought to myself one day, as I was on the way to donate clothes to homeless children in the Philippines.  Sometimes, one small act at a time may seem insignificant.  I wanted to know that the efforts we put in make some kind of impact somehow.

Then on that same trip, after we finished giving out the clothing to the children, you could see them and their parents so grateful for the little that I thought we gave.

However, what struck me most, was when I walked back into our vehicle. The driver that we hired for the trip was taken aback, wiped the corner of his eye and asked, “Ma'am, why did you do that?” 

Ripple Effect

I was a bit surprised and tried to understand his question.

It turns out, he was wondering why on earth we would go out of our way, from across the globe, to give homeless children clothing.  In his eyes, we had nothing to gain, and yet knew how much it meant to the kids and their families.  And he said simply, “That was very kind of you.  Those families will be forever grateful for your gift.”

As I listened to him, I was silent and didn’t know what to say.  We were there to help the children, but I did not realize at all that we would make an impact on our driver! 

I suppose, that's how it is.  When you put yourself out there, to help and do good, to spread God’s love where you can, you never know the impact it will make.

This is what motivates me to continue what we do.

Every act, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is like a tiny pebble thrown on a pond.
It starts with a small ripple. But yes, the ripples make a difference.


Founder, meNmommy


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