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Tips for Matching Mom and Daughter Cowgirl Boots

Posted on March 14 2013

Wearing a pair of stylish cowgirl boots is a fun way to express your unique personality to the world. Whether you're going out to a casual dinner or spending an afternoon at a special event, you really can't go wrong with a pair of cute cowgirl boots.

If you plan on taking your daughter with you, wearing matching pairs of cowgirl boots can work to your advantage. However, you'll need to follow some basic tips to ensure your boots match and compliment the outfits you’re both wearing.

Often, my daughters and I find ourselves going to western themed events. Of course at their age, my daughters want to look like mom!

First and foremost, you'll need to choose matching boots for you and your daughter to wear. While the color and style of boots is ultimately a personal decision that only you can make, I recommend going with a somewhat “girly” color and tone. There's absolutely nothing wrong with traditional brown leather cowgirl boots, but they don't offer the same flair that some of the more beautifully-colored boots have. Boots with pink, red or even yellow colors in them are all excellent choices that are sure to compliment your look.


When you're shopping around for matching cowgirl boots, be sure to have your little one voice her opinion on which ones she prefers. After all, she's going to be wearing a pair too, so you want her to feel comfortable in them. Hopefully the two of you can come to middle grounds with a pair of cowgirl boots that you both like. If not, you'll have to compromise and choose a pair that you're both willing to work with. With so many different styles and colors of cowgirl boots available, though, choosing a matching pair shouldn't be much of a problem.

After choosing a couple pairs of matching cowgirl boots, you'll then need to find an outfit to go with them. Since you and your daughter are taking the route of matching boots, you should consider matching your other clothes as well. Think about where you'll be going and how others will be dressed. The two of you don't have to necessarily wear what everyone else is wearing, but it's a good idea to stay on theme. For instance, matching jeans with button-up shirts and cowgirl boots is a perfect choice for most rodeos, barrel races, BBQ’s or similar country events.

Be prepared to receive plenty of compliments once you go out in public with matching cowgirl boots and outfits. Having such a coordinated style is sure to draw some compliments. You’ll want to bring a camera along of course if you want to capture this moment and experience. We always take at least a few photos so that once the evening is all said and done, we can always look back at the photos to remember how much of a fun time we had.

Hopefully, this will set you on the right track to choosing a pair of matching cowgirl boots for you and your daughter. As long as the two of you are comfortable and happy, there's really no wrong choice. Just remember to have fun with your stylish new boots and to enjoy yourselves!



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