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Posted on May 09 2013

May is a busy month for most Americans: Kids are getting ready to finish up their academic year while the entire family is getting ready for summer vacations, kids and dads are trying to figure out what to buy moms for Mother’s Day (by the way, it’s May 12th this year), families planning (or going to) Memorial Day Cookouts…  With so much going on, where does exercise and fitness come in?  Well, you’re in luck because May is the National Physical Fitness and Sports Month!  Fitness shouldn’t have to be an “event” or a big production in your life.  Here are some ways that you can incorporate fitness into this busy month:

  1. After dinner, take the whole family (including the dog) for a walk around the neighborhood.
  2. Park in the last row of the parking lot at the mall, shopping center, etc.  If in a parking garage, park on the second floor (or higher) and use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  3. When going swimming, give your child a piggyback ride while hopping up and down.
  4. When visiting a neighbor down the street (or two), walk over instead of driving.
  5. Crank up some upbeat music while you clean the house.  It will get you moving faster!
  6. When talking on the phone, pace back and forth around the house the entire time (I don’t recommend this if you have a non-cordless phone).
  7. During commercial breaks while watching your favorite T.V. show, do some jumping jacks, squats, crunches or push-ups (An hour-long T.V. show contains 18-21 minutes of commercials).
  8. Visit a local water park and join your kids in all that they do, including going down all the slides and splashing around in the pools.  No lounging around!
  9. Wash all of the cars in your household in one day (with the kids’ help, of course).
  10. Take advantage of the two 15-minute breaks at work to go for a walk, even if it’s just around the parking lot a couple of times.  This will not only give you 30 minutes of physical activity but also help to “reset” your brain’s ability to focus on the tasks at work!
By making physical activity a part of your daily life, you will improve your muscular fitness, bone, heart, and cognitive health as well as lower the risk for heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes and some cancers.



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Jheni Solis,Sarvanga Fitness
Sarvanga Fitness is a “whole-body” fitness company based out of Dallas, TX providing group fitness instructions in Zumba® Fitness, Yoga, Meditation and other fitness formats.

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