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Secure Shopping

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Our online store's shopping cart includes 128-bit SSL technology to provide you with the safest, most secure shopping experience possible – the same level of encryption used by large banks around the world. SSL technology enables encryption (scrambling) of sensitive information, including passwords and credit card numbers, during your online transactions.

Level 1 PCI compliant

Rest easy knowing customer data is secure - meNmommy.com is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant!

For additional information on PCI Compliance, visit the PCI Compliance Guide website.

Privacy Policy

We don't rent, sell or share your personal information with anyone. Our Privacy Policy details how your personal information is collected and how your personal information may be used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your site have a secure connection? How am I able to tell if it is a safe connection?
Our site uses SSL encryption to secure the communication of all sensitive information passing between your browser and our servers. To confirm that it is a secure connection, you should see the https://www.menmommy.... in the URL. The “https” indicates that it’s using SSL. Furthermore, depending on your browser, you should see a lock either at the bottom corner or beside the URL of your browser.

Shouldn’t the address bar show https:// rather than http://www.meNmommy.com? Doesn’t the ‘s’ at the end mean it is a secure connection?
We use https:// only for our secure pages, i.e. those pages that transfer confidential information such as the Login, and Checkout pages. Pages that are only used for products or blogs will still use the regular http:// since no sensitive information is being passed through them.

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