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Teapot Necklace Set


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Product Details

This matching mother daughter necklace set feature a tea cup and a tea kettle charm with custom color glass birthstone crystal beads. Each order comes with a teakettle necklace and a custom number of teacup necklaces so each daughter can have their own necklace to match with moms!

Each necklace comes on it's own separate chain with a custom color glass crystal bead. All the charms are nickel free, lead free, non tarnish and have been through an oxidation process giving them a fantastic vintage look.

Please include your choice for the teakettle necklace and each teacup necklace ordered.

  • Charms: Approx 17mm, Nickel Free, Lead Free, Oxidized Alloy Metal
  • Chain: 18inch, Nickel Free, Lead Free, Alloy Metal
  • Quantity: 1 Teakettle Necklace and your choice of teacup necklaces. You may select from 1-4 teacup necklaces when adding the listing to your cart.

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